KIDSEG programme concentrates mainly on four core areas of work namely: Community health programmes, Social Entrepreneurship Programmes, Civic Education Programmes and leadership development.

KIDSEG targets the poor and disadvantaged sectors of the community living in peri urban areas and slums. They are:

    • People living with Disability They are within the community and disregarded, left out of key decision making and are more vulnerable and a hold a strong feeling of not being engaged and involved.
    • Disabled Women and Children: Women heading households are vulnerable to abuse of their rights, discriminated against and are vulnerable to harmful cultural practices like widow inheritance and cleansing. Women face tough challenges of fending for themselves and often living in the worst conditions because they have no income to pay for adequate accommodation.
    • Disabled youths who are more vulnerable to HIV and AIDS infection, unemployed, energetic, lack access to educational and training opportunities when their dependants die/are bed ridden, face risk of drug addiction, harmful sexual behaviours and early marriages.


Our Components

 The Community

We believe in an empowered community that aims to mobilize resources, ensures accountability and transparency, promotes networking and harnesses strategic partnerships, builds human capacity as well as coalitions and consolidates sustainable social movements in tackling HIV/AIDS and rights issues.

The Youth

Our services target young people aged 15 to 35 years both disabled and non disabled especially women and girls with disabilities.  This is because young people within this age group are most vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other socio-economic shortcomings.  We believe that young people have the enthusiasm, will-power and time to promote a productive society free from HIV/AIDS.

The children

Our services also target orphans and vulnerable children and children with disabilities. Stigma related to disability begins at early childhood of children with disabilities and this is when violation of their rights begins. Although child and youth participation projects have existed since the 1970’s, the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in 1989 undoubtedly added new momentum to the child participation movement.  KIDSEG aims to ensure that our project practices and implements the CRC to its fullest extent.

The Government

KIDSEG aims at working with the relevant government departments to ensure that its activities are within the law but also contributes to the local, national and international goals as they relate to the plight of people with disabilities.

The KIDSEG Board

KIDSEG has an independent Board comprising of 5 members who are charged with the responsibility of policy formulation and development, organizational oversight and overall strategic direction of the organization.

Our Location