Our Programmes

Training and managing of income generating activities:

We engage young people with disabilities in entrepreneurship programmes all aimed at building their capacity in business enterprising to enable them be self reliant either through employment or self employment. Our focus mainly is building their skills in business planning and management and technical skills development through apprenticeship and mentorship. So far we have managed to train 120 youths with disabilities who now have increased income. Apart from the trainings, we also provide psycho social support to our beneficiaries infected and affected by HIV/AIDS who have been enrolled in our programme. Our partnership with Kenya Community Development Foundation, Kitchen Table Charities Trust, Nederlands Albert Schweitz Funds and RSSAF has contributed immensely towards achieving these goals.

Mobilization, sensitization and outreaches:

We promote the design and implementation of approaches aimed at enhancing prevention of STIs through peer education, home based care, art and sporting activities. Young people and community gatekeepers get information more through outreach activities, mainly arts and sports. When given a chance to interact freely and enjoy doing what is most intriguing to them, we are able to pass vital information to not only young people but key adult stakeholders who are essential in creating a supportive environment for our programs. Globally, best practices depict that social changes among the youths can be attained through arts and sports. We organize sports like wheel basket ball, football and sitting volley to mobilize the youths in general in large numbers. Key to our organization is that these activities help reduce stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and disability. VCT promotion forums are also part of our community outreach programme in which we mobilize disabled youths to get educated on HIV prevention from motivation speakers and also get tested for HIV. We currently have 162 peer educators who actively involved in community peer education outreaches. Together with our various networks, we have have managed to reach out to over 5,000 youths in general with behavior change communication messages. Over 40,000 condoms have been distributed. Over 1,000 youths have been counseled and tested for HIV. This has been made possible through partnership with MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Mercury Phoenix Trust, National AIDS Control Council and Amref Africa.


Through collaboration with like-minded organizations, we advocate for the rights of children with disability, gender and marginalized people, and friendly policies at local levels.  Our approach promotes life skills including communication, decision-making and negotiation for HIV/AIDS at risk and vulnerable group. In order to achieve these objectives, we conduct dialogue forums which bring together key community stakeholders to articulate on issues affecting young people with disabilities that increase their vulnerability to HIV infection and poverty level. We work closely with the County administration in our political advocacy to push for enforcement of disability act 2003 at the County level currently having two of our members in different administrative decision making committees.

Partnership and collaboration:

We believe in partnership at all levels, from community based groups to local and international NGOs, FBOs, Governments to Private Sector to Bi-and-Multi-Lateral Agencies. KIDSEG principle is to forge links that ensure our work is appropriate and sustainable. These partnerships are crucial for programming by providing us with the opportunity to get support technically, financially or through in kind donations. The partnership locally and internationally is what has seen our programmes grow and impact positively in our target population.

Networking and mentoring:

Despite the lack of appropriate transportation and facilities to enable cross learning amongst our members, through the limited resources we continue to create networking and mentorship opportunities for both our members and communities as part of our outreach activities. In addition, KIDSEG has embarked on taking a leading role in ensuring that our principle of partnership transcends our organization by providing networking opportunities amongst our donors to promote efficient and effective use of resources.

Home based health care:

Part of our programme is to work in collaboration with other like minded organizations to take care of the sick and the disabled who need palliative care. We organize home visits in which we provide psycho social support and donate mobility devices to assist the sick in movement. Through this programme, we have managed to facilitate visits to over 300 visits. Our partnership with AMREF Africa has enabled us to train 30 home based care givers who volunteer towards success of this initiative.

Health clubs:

We facilitate formation of such clubs within schools, integrating them in school programmes and making sure that they are fully owned by the school and managed by the students themselves. This is done for the purpose of sustainability. The health clubs aims at training the students as peer educators and hence make them reach out to their fellow peers with behavior change communication messages.

Social entrepreneurship:

Our initiative to sustain our HIV prevention projects is on course. Lack of funds contribute immensely on reverse the gains already made in HIV prevention intervention in this regard, we are currently partnering with MTV Staying Alive Foundation to have a business enterprise whose profit will go towards funding our HIV prevention projects in future.  

Donation of mobility devices:

As a disabled people’s organization, our other objective is to ensure that people with disability are able to move around with ease and dignity. Mobility issues should never hinder them from achieving their dreams. Through partnership with Crutches for Africa, we have ensured that donated mobility devices reach as many people with disabilities in need as possible. So far we have managed to distribute over 500 mobility devices of different kinds.


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