Mobilization, Sensitization and Outreaches

We promote the design and implementation of approaches aimed at enhancing prevention of STIs through peer education, home based care, art and sporting activities. Young people and community gatekeepers get information more through outreach activities, mainly arts and sports. When given a chance to interact freely and enjoy doing what is most intriguing to them, we are able to pass vital information to not only young people but key adult stakeholders who are essential in creating a supportive environment for our programs. Globally, best practices depict that social changes among the youths can be attained through arts and sports. We organize sports like wheel basket ball, football and sitting volley to mobilize the youths in general in large numbers. Key to our organization is that these activities help reduce stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and disability. VCT promotion forums are also part of our community outreach programme in which we mobilize disabled youths to get educated on HIV prevention from motivation speakers and also get tested for HIV. We currently have 162 peer educators who actively involved in community peer education outreaches. Together with our various networks, we have have managed to reach out to over 5,000 youths in general with behavior change communication messages. 50,000 condoms distributed so far, 10,000 IEC materials distributed so far and 180 peer educators actively involved in peer education community outreach programme.  This has been made possible through partnership with MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Mercury Phoenix Trust, National AIDS Control Council and Amref Africa.


Recent Work